Japan’s hanabi taikai fireworks festival as captured by Keisuke

I'm leaving for a 2 week culture explosion in Japan in 2 weeks time. Just to late for their annual fireworks festivals called hanabi taikai, but I'm grateful for these amazing fireworks photos by Keisuke.

credit: Keisuke

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Very rare white giraffe spotted in Kenya

Giraffes are one of the world's most majestic creatures. If you've ever been lucky to see one in the wild, it's just beautiful to look at.
These white giraffes are very rare and were spotted by Hirola rangers in North Eastern Kenya.

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When animals attack prey filmed in slow motion

It's often too fast to see for the naked eye, but with the help of some high frame rate cameras we're able to see just how precise and fast some animals are when they attack their prey.

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The Cassini Grand Finale At Saturn

After 20 years the Cassini space mission comes to an end today when the joint NASA and ESA jet propulsion laboratory disintegrates while crashing towards Saturn.

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Through Thunderstorms, Torrential Rain & Busy Traffic

This is a 30 days timelapse of a large containership at sea.
Pretty cool.

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Incredible Beards From 2017 World Beard And Mustache Championship by Greg Anderson

I've sported a beard for the last 20 years or so. I just hate shaving really and I'm now so used to it I feel positively naked without it.
My beard is just a regular Joe though, compared to these works of art.

Credit: Greg Anderson

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The Shipwreck of Bienvenu by Ella & Pitr

The Shipwreck of Bienvenu is a huge mural in France created by Ella & Pitr to highlight the plight of refugees worldwide.
It is 47 meters high and is painted on the side of the Piney’s Dam in La Valla-En Gier, France.

Credit: Ella&Pitr

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Hurricane Size Comparison

We've posted as lot about the damage hurricanes have done and this video might help put into context just how big these forces of nature are.

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Naples, Florida after Hurricane Irma

I associate Florida with endless white beaches, palm trees, cocktails, Miami Vice, Disneyland and the Dolphins, but that idyllic setting has been turned into a nightmare by hurricane Irma. This is Naples, Floride after she passed by and the destruction is clearly visible.

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Flight Over Pyongyang

Video of a flight over Pyongyang. It's a rare treat that a foreigner is allowed photography and filming over the skies of North Korea and even rarer to be doing so in a Piper Matrix PA-46 Light Plane.
Place looks normal, but there's hardly any traffic on the huge roads.

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