Apr 7, 2014

Venice In The Picture by Vladimir Zivkovic

Venice In The Picture by Vladimir Zivkovic

I'm 29-year old award-winning amateur photographer from Djakovo, Croatia. I've been taking photos since year 2000 and the main theme remained the same - long exposure photos. Daytime and nighttime. Long exposures make places mystical and kind of erases the most popular saying for photography, "capturing the moment". So I capture places instead of moments. Using long exposure, sometimes more than 60 seconds, I condense time into one photo. I have M.Sci. in agriculture but I'm more into photography than in agriculture. Although, nature, agricultural fields, forests and mountains were and still are some of my favorite subjects. I also enjoy taking photos of serene towns, like wonderful Venice. We'd like to thank Vladimir for sharing his photos. Visit his website for more of his work. If you want your work featured please on TotallyCoolPix please contact us and include some samples.

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